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Radic8 design and create world leading air purification technology. In partnership with INBair, our technology is helping thousands of commercial and domestic users worldwide.

Commercial Solutions

Results Driven

Increased awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution makes it more important than ever for you to actively protect your clients and employees.

Domestic Appliances

Protecting Families

Quality time should come with quality air. Our domestic air purifiers deal with all known air pollutants.

We Innovate

Into the Future

Upcoming products soon to be released find revolutionary solutions to some of the air sector’s biggest problems.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Design

Patented technology advancements expressed as contemporary style.

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People Affected By Air Pollution

Deaths per year
Of population affected
Cause of all diseases
Single biggest health threat

Why Us?

Many claim to be the best.
Unlike many, we share accurate test data.

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